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All UNG Bookstore locations are temporarily closed until further notice. During this time, online orders for textbooks and merchandise will be processed and shipped to you. 

 Last day to return rental textbooks to the rental return bin: May 31, 2020. On June 1, 2020 holds will be placed on student accounts. Return bins are located at each campus except Blue Ridge. If you are unable to return your rental textbooks by May 31, please email us at ung.bookstore@ung.edu

Faculty Instructions

Online Adoption Log in Information. Please read all steps!

1. Go to the Verba online adoption login web page.

2. Type in your Email address and press “Recover Access”- Please use your UNG email. You will need to have used your UNG email to access Verba.

3. Log back into your email. You should receive a second email with a link that will take you directly in. (You won't need a password.) Please note: you will be able to set up a user log in, once you receive the second email.

4. Once logged in there will be a training tutorial on your home screen. Select the tutorial video for additional information or contact me directly for further assistance. Also, if you do not see your course in the initial list, you will need to add yourself to the course. To do so, select the “Click here to assign yourself to a course” link. (If the course is incorrectly assigned, please contact a text book specialist.)